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Fabrizio 'Diabolik' Piscitelli, Source- New Straits Times

Ginevra Piscitelli: Daughter of ‘Diabolik’ Speaks

On October 13th, Journalist Francesca Fagnani of Non è L’Arena held an exclusive interview with Ginevra Piscitelli, the daughter of former Lazio Ultra Leader Fabrizio Piscitelli (known as Diabolik). Murdered on August 7th, 2019 in the Parco degli Acquedotti in Southeastern Rome, here are the 22-year-old’s remarks that aired on

Irriducibili Banner for Diabolik, Source- RadioColonna

Diabolik: Irriducibili display banner in front of Colosseum

One shot. Silence. Then a mixture of dismay, anger, disbelief, and sadness. As reported yesterday, Fabrizio ‘Diabolik’ Piscitelli has passed away following a gun shot to the head. The leader of the Lazio Ultra group known as Irriducibili, he has supported Lazio for as long as

Matteo Salvini, Source- ChinaDaily

Matteo Salvini-Diabolik: “No criminal can hope for impunity”

Fabrizio ‘Diabolik’ Piscatelli, the leader of Lazio Ultra group Irriducibili, was found dead in Rome yesterday. Since then, an investigation has been opened in relation to the murder, created by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate (also known in short as DDA; the name of the pool of magistrates that make