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Diego Laxalt, Source- Getty Images

Report: Lazio chasing Milan’s Laxalt

Diego Laxalt could leave Milan after only 6 months. The Uruguayan winger has not shown his qualities and the Rossoneri could give him up.  According to Corriere della Sera, Lazio would be interested in the player, and even more so after the transfer (now very

Diego Laxalt, Source- Getty Images

Report: Lazio once again return to Laxalt

Diego Laxalt was a hot topic this past summer for Lazio. Linked to the former Genoa man for multiple months, negotiations seemed to fade away when AC Milan stepped in. They acquired the Uruguayan for around €14 million; clearly, a price too steep for Claudio

Diego Laxalt Crossing

Diego Laxalt: Genoa’s tricky Uruguayan

Prior to the 2015/2016 season, it would be hard to say that many Serie A followers were interested in Diego Laxalt. That is to no surprise as there isn’t much to talk of his career prior to that season, as he was mainly bench warming