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Claudio Lotito, Source- Google News

Gian Michele Gentile: “Vernazza Targeted Claudio Lotito”

In an official statement published by S.S. Lazio on May 25, 2020, the club announced that President Claudio Lotito is set to take legal action against Sports Journalist Sebastiano Vernazza of Milan based newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport. This was the result of the article published by

The 2019/20 Serie A Football, Source- @SerieA

How Should the Remainder of the Serie A Be Decided?

Italy x COVID-19: Country-Wide Lockdown The 2019/20 Serie A campaign was officially suspended on 03/09/2020, until at least 04/03/2020, due to the Coronavirus outbreak. This decision was part of a Government Decree announced by Italy Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, which effectively put the country into lockdown; with the

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