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Stefan Radu - Source - Zimbio

Radu now seventh in total biancoceleste appearances

  Stefan Radu continues his climb of the all-time ranking of the most present players in the history of Lazio. With his match against Frosinone, the Romanian defender caught up to Cristian Ledesma in seventh place with 318 appearances. A great achievement for one of

Radu and Strakosha

Report: Lazio set to offer Stefan Radu a new contract

According to reports from┬áSky Sports in Italy, Lazio are preparing to offer a new contract to veteran Romanian defender Stefan Radu. This comes after reports suggested that there have been enquiries from the Turkish league about the availability of the 31-year-old. The Romanian’s current contract

Non-Italian Lazio Players

Top 10 All-Time Non-Italian Lazio Players

Introduction to the Top 10 Non-Italian Lazio Players From Wilson and Chinaglia in the 70’s, to Nesta and Signori in the 90’s;┬áLazio has had some world-class Italians over the years. This list, however, counts down the ten best Lazio players who are from countries outside