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Lazio shirt sponsor Seleco go bankrupt: the details

On Wednesday evening during the Coppa Italia final against Atalanta, the Seleco brand was not present on the back of the Lazio shirt. To replace them, was Igea Banca, the exclusive sponsor for the final. However, there is a more substantial reason for this absence. In fact, the historic

Axis and Allies: Rome-Salerno-Piacenza

In 2011, Lazio president Claudio Lotito became joint-owner in Campanian club Salernitana with his in-laws in the Mezzaroma family. Lotito has since then expressed and wanted to take the Pozzo family biz in Udinese one step further, to be able to own and control several clubs In

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Report: Lazio renews sponsorship deal with Seleco

The Agreement: “No uniform sponsor, but only for now: the agreement with Seleco was reached during a meeting at the beginning of the week between Claudio Lotito and Maurizio Pannella, and the official debut will be on August 4th in the friendly match against Arsenal

Will Lazio obtain Seleco sponsorship for ’18/’19?

Ever since it was announced that Seleco would no longer provide sponsorship on the Lazio jersey, fans have wondered who might replace them. Several rumors floated on MarathonBet sponsoring Lazio, and eventually turned into a reality albeit on a shortened time-scale. Il Messaggero has released the following on