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Lazio Team of Legends

Lazio Team of Legends: Introduction

Intro The Laziali will have a five-piece feature piece surrounding a “Lazio Team of Legends” since the birth of the club in 1900. This team was selected by the Laziali fan base who voted in polls on Twitter in 2019; firstly a piece on the

Community: Top 3 Lazio Legends

Community: Top 4 Lazio Legends

  The Laziali created a poll on Twitter to see who the fan favourites of Lazio legends were: there were 4 players that the team chose, and 132 votes were tallied. Below, we find out who the fan-favourite was. 4) Giuseppe Favalli (6%) A transfer from

Top 10 Scorers of Lazio, @snhw_

Top 10 All-Time Lazio Scorers

Lazio are goal-scoring juggernauts in the 2017/18 season. The biancocelesti placed at the top of the Serie A TIM in scoring thanks to the Immobile-LuisAlberto partnership – the most prolific in Italy, and one of the most explosive in Europe. With this in mind, it

Stadio Olimpico, Source- Official S.S.Lazio

The History of Società Sportiva Lazio

Società Sportiva Lazio: History Società Sportiva Lazio, simply referred to as S.S. Lazio, was founded on the 9th of January in 1900, first as Società Podistica Lazio. Also known as the Biancocelesti, the club played in the first-ever organized Serie A league – created in 1929

To converse with fellow Laziali, visit r/Lazio, a subreddit on Reddit made by Lazio fans, for Lazio fans