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Manuel Lazzari, Source- Read Aston Villa

Manuel Lazzari to arrive on Thursday to take medicals

After complications in the payment method, on Monday – which was deemed ‘Lazzari Day’ by Laziali’ – club Presidents Claudio Lotito (Lazio) and Walter Mattioli (SPAL) met to come to an agreement. As reported by Gianluca Di Marzio, this meeting was very effective, as the

Manuel Lazzari, Source- fcinter1908.it

Lazio and SPAL agree to the final terms for Manuel Lazzari

Yesterday’s meeting at the Lega, between Lazio President Claudio Lotito and SPAL President Walter Mattioli, seems to have concluded the final details for money installments of the transfer of Manuel Lazzari. The winger is expected to arrive in Rome on Thursday to undergo his medicals

Davide Vagnati, Source- Spaziocalcio

Vagnati: “Lazzari? It all depends on Lazio…”

As reported by Sky Sport today, Manuel Lazzari’s medical visits – which were scheduled for tomorrow – have been delayed. This is a result of the standstill between Lazio and Spal surrounding the payment methods for the Italian wing-back. However, this is nothing that is unsolvable,

Manuel Lazzari, Source- fcinter1908.it

Monday will be Lazzari Day

  On Monday, the player from Spal is expected to arrive for his medical examination in the Paideia clinic. The player will do a series of tests with the club and, if all goes to plan, will sign his contract with the club. The official

Manuel Lazzari, Graphic- @snhw_

Manuel Lazzari: the perfect addition to Lazio

The mission to bring Manuel Lazzari to Rome has been on the minds of Lazio’s management for well over a year. 25 years of age and an Italian international, the Vicenza born footballer has played for SPAL since the summer of 2013 following AC Giacomense’s sale to Gli