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The Laziali x Tactics Platform

The Laziali x Tactics Platform: Statistical Analysis

A collaboration between The Laziali and Cheuk Hei Ho has been established. Focusing on traditional video analysis and a data-driven approach to analyze football tactics and strategies, here, you will find in-depth data concerning Lazio’s matches. From the quantity and location of shots to expected goals and pass

The Laziali Against Racism

The Laziali Against Racism

It’s no secret that football has a huge racism problem. Not just in Italy but worldwide, there are constant reports of racist incidents occurring within the sport. Lazio often get unfairly painted with a ‘racist’ brush, based on the thoughts, feelings and actions of a

Felipe Caicedo, Adam Marusic, Ciro Immobile - Source - Twitter

The Laziali’s Lazio player power rankings – Week 7

Four Serie A match-days have passed since TheLaziali.com last brought you one of our Lazio power rankings articles. We aim to have these released weekly from now on with a slight change in style. In the first piece, we wrote a paragraph about each player. 21 players