The Nest

About The Laziali

The Laziali (formerly Lazio Blog EN) was founded by Sam Wilson and Steven Moore in 2018 as a response to a lack of high-quality online content about S.S. Lazio in the English language.

As two undergraduates, Sam currently studies English Literature at the University of Glasgow (Glasgow, United Kingdom) while Steven has taken another route, pursuing Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Canada), showing the diverse qualities and attributes of these two individuals. Displaying a large passion for football and the surrounding community of fans and supporters, this lead to Sam and Steven meeting over Twitter kick-starting the new venture. The desire to share this passion was commenced firstly by the initiation of Lazio Blog EN, shortly after followed by The Laziali, and after a successful launch, they can’t wait to pursue this further!

You can contact us on Twitter: Sam – @snhw_ and Steven – @S_K_Moore or The Laziali – @The_Laziali

You can e-mail us too if you’re interested in leaving us feedback, joining our team, cross-promoting with your website or even if you just want to ask us a question! Sam – sam.wilson0903(at) and Steven stevenkmoore(at)

The Nest

To help you connect with Lazio fans all around the world, or in your local area, we have decided to launch ‘The Nest’! The main feature of this page is our interactive map, which will allow you to navigate across the globe and find Lazio fan pages, supporters clubs and websites from various locations. Additionally, this page contains contact details for the editors-in-chief of the site, allowing you to get in touch with us regarding any stories, feedback or asking to join the team!

The Lazio World Map

By clicking on the various continents on our interactive map, you can find out more about the Lazio communities that are thriving within each. You can find fan pages, supporters clubs, websites and much more! You can also learn more about our writers and find out where they are based!

If you are a fan of Lazio, you might want to check out Lazio Lounge (@Lazio_Lounge on Twitter). Lazio Lounge is hosted weekly, and often twice-weekly, by two dedicated Lazio fans in the English Language. The podcast is a superb listen, perfect for if you are travelling to/from work or even before bed!